Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your beylo girl here, baby. Its been long since i last got to spend the time with you eh ? :)

You know b.. Sometimes i'll be thinking, why you chose me ? I am never the type of girl you wanted. I am not at all like all those sporty girls out there, i have no dimples.. Not as pretty like all the girls you've been with or contacted with.. But why do you still want me ? I just feel like i am out of place, doesn't fit in ? It's like as if i'm not even supposed to be in your list. I guess this is the reason why i get over sensitive and jealous whenever you talked about them. I'll try my best to stop all this kay b. :)

I don't know what else to say only that, I MISS YOU. :) Take good care of yourself yeah. Love you pantat !

- Our First Photo. :)

10:28 PM

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boyfriend said, i'm free to update his blog when boredom starts to kill. However, i know he miss me updating this dusty blog for him. Right baby ? Hehe. No need to lie lah ~ Nothing to feel ashamed of. HAHAHAHAHA !

Kay, fake. He's never feel ashamed when he's with me. Perangai buruk macam mane pon, main slumber je. Hahahahaha ! This boy, never fail to put up a huge smile on my face. Never fail to burst me out to laughter. Of course, you suck at times.. Hehe. But still, i'll never forget how you made me happy kay ! :D Remember, "Continue to make me the happiest girl on Earth. :)"

By the way.. Kenape lambat ni baby ? I dah ngantok sey. :( Cepat please ~ :( Ngantok ~ :(

- Psst; You Look So Effing Adorable In This Photo. ;)

1:58 AM

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey baby ! :D Your girlfriend here updating for you. I am bored, and i can't seems to be able to find anything to do. :( Anyway, i'm working morning shift tomorrow.

It's sad knowing that i'm working nearer to your school now, but i still won't be able to see you that often. :( It's okay, i just have to wait till we meet. Currently you're busy playing your DOTA. -.- Oops, sorry for emphasising on that word. Haha ! I hope you know how to control yourself dear.. Sigh. Seriously, i don't like this DOTA thing. I really don't. Irritating ! -_-

Whatever it is, i hope you're enjoying yourself. Which i know i don't even need to hope, cause you're enjoying yourself already. LOL. Okaylah, good night love ! :) Sorry english rosak. :P

- So Close Yet So Far.

11:01 PM

Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby !! ~ Surprise ! :D I'm blogging for ya. Heeeeee ~ I'm bored, and currently you're sleeping. It's okay, i understand you're tired. You had your hockey training just now. :)

Baby, if you notice, we have not been spending much time together. Too busy with own stuffs. You and your sports and school, me and my attachments ~ :( And i know you're trying real hard to find slots for me.. I thank you for that. But it really doesn't matter if you can't okay ? :) Cause i know you'll still find time for me. Even if it's just for awhile. And i thank you cause never once you complained about me being too busy. Hehe !

Text or call right after you read this kay mok ? I miss you so effing badly dear ! :( Good night.

- Baby, You're Superfluous. :)

11:40 PM

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
does my GF really love me?

11:32 AM

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Girlfriend,

Sorry for not being a good've been sad for the past few month.i dont feel anytin towards her at all i dont know where u hear all the rubbish from,that i like her and stuff.nevermind let it be...and come on i love u and only u gal..i dont like quarreling or fighting with the one i love cause it hurts me deep im gonna do a simple thing that will erase the sadness that u have for month..reply to her msg if necessary,ala..just simply treat her as a normal friend..that would be just lost,sad right now...this year havent been great..and school is gonna start soon..and i'll not be seeing u in school..:( guess i'll be alone going for my cca's and also concentrate on my studies..

You're a great girlfriend..i wont be so supid to go for other girls...from today i'll be a new guy im not gonna be the normal gonna be different just like what u wanted me too be..for you i'll do anythin..iloveyou Nur Israhtini Bte Zainal Abidin.

The guy who helped you keep moving on with life.


12:30 PM

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
i'm really missing u girlfriend....dear people i feel like telling the whole world that my gf is the best gf that any guy can get on earth!!!!:D


11:51 PM

Saturday, February 5, 2011
my blog have been dead for so im gonna try my best to reborn it!!!haha!:Dreason of not updating cause, been busy...and i have an awesome girlfriend Nur Israhtini Bte Zainal have been so great since i met her!!!im happy!!!:D(thats y got no time to blog!!hehe!:p)

its been long since i last updated my blog so it'll be weird..hehe!:p

OKAY!!!:Dmy days before this was so awesome and kind of sad at times...sad cause i didnt get to spend much time with my preety gf...:(
but today i wanna thank her alott as she made effort to come to my so happy that i get to spend time with her...eventhough i guess its for a short while..since school came along we hardly spend much time together as both our schedule is pack..:( the most important thing is im happy with our relationship,cause we understand each other...:)

i dont have much thing to say...but i miss my gf alotttttt!!!!!:'(
i love u gf!!!:)

11:17 PM

Friday, December 3, 2010
i love you more than you love me. ♥
- Abby :)

12:05 AM

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ku ingat kamu ~ Ku rindu kamu ~
Wajahmu, senyummu, terbayang ~
Cepatlah datang ~ Aku menanti ~
Duh aduh duh, ku ingin jumpa ~

He told me that he's really happy being with me, and our 1st month was three days ago. Yay for us ! ;D I was busy blogging for mine, i utterly forgot about his. Haha ! Sooooo, TADA ! Done updating. ^_^

" Yay !!! Cakap yang i super happy !!! Being with you and kiter dah 1 month !!! Yay !!! Saaaaaaaayang abby !!! :) " Aww ~ Nak panjang sikit boleh kan ? ^_^ Awwwwwwwwwwwwww ♥

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2:40 PM

Friday, October 22, 2010

You You You !
I Miss Youuuuuuuuuu D:

Nur Israhtini


10:41 PM

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nur Israhtini here . :D
I Love You Pantattttttttttttttttttttttt ~
Thank you . For , i don't know .
E V E R Y T H I N G ! ^_^

12:43 AM

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gambar ni hot eh ? :P

Nuris here . I'm sure you readers are having this look now , -_________- ! Cause why ? Nuris is updating for Nazirul again ?! HAHA ! I'm bored lah . :(

Let me tell you now . Nazirul won't be updating much . I'm not sure either if he will ever update again . UBBY PEMALAS ! :P So , he leave it to me to do whatever i want to his blog . Jadi , Ubby ! U tak boleh complain gambar tak handsome . Whuak whuak ! XD



9:20 PM

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hey , Nuris here . It's my first time updating for this pantat . Hehe . Rindu sama itu anak tawuk ! :( Yayyyyyyyyyyyy ~ Will be meeting him later afternoon .

I know his blog has been dead for quite some time . Pity you readers . :( He's too busy nowadays and also being a lazybum . =.= Busy with lots of things . Sampai lupekan Nuris sey. :( Alahai ~ Ngade ngade lah pulak Nuris ni . :P I faham kay b . ^_^ Sayang u ! :D

Nazirul Dinie , remember to update kay . Your readers are waiting . :D

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1:26 AM

Saturday, September 11, 2010

thanks for telling me!!!!u made my day!!!!:D
but's your choice okay..:)

and yesterday i recieved $189 for raya yesterday


7:07 PM

Friday, September 10, 2010


You are all i need and i never let go!~;D
currently, in my room...
-last night went to geylang with awesome peeps!!til early morning.:)
-asking for forgivness on this month make me drop with tears....:(
-now in my room waitin for her msg..'BABI angon!!la!!nari raya tau..!!:)tkmo sleep!LOVE U!haha'
-so far i got lots of envelopes!!!by just staying at home..!!hahaha!!
-later going to mak long HOUSE!!the BIG!!and coolest house!!!by the shore!!!yay!(ade laut!!le tenangkan fikiran..:)
-k..i'm super bored now...-.-
update so0n!:D
t.c peeps!!have fun!!:)


6:44 PM

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8:18 PM

And i know i never told you that i love its all too late...and i don,t know how to hold u,but i want to..i don't want to live this way...all i's broke..well i'm here if u need me...i know u don't believe me..well i'm so sorry...for all the pain i've caused..(Sezairi Sezali-Broken)

i always sing that song..and now it happens to me..:(..Yeah..i guess it's already her final say..'I.m toOo LATE.'i was too late to tell her that i love her.there's already this guy that confess to her before i do..(saded):( Should i wait for her??i already love he so much..:(but too bad...SLOW LA NAZ....Nobody can help me now.i got to be strong and keep my head held high.COME ON!!!!HARI RAYA is in 2 days time from now!!!i should be happy right?!in fact all muslims have to be happy!!Okay!i'll try eventhough it's hard.I LOVE U SO MUCH BABI!!!(dalah diam sudah NAZ...orang da t ksudi le uat ape)i remember this:(i know lah where i stand in your life:')hopefully i get over of this feelings soon..??hmm...

Sememangnya diri ini hanya bermimpi...
Dirimu takkan pernah aku miliki..
Walau hati ku selalu memanggil namamu...
Namun ku hanya mampu mentap wajahmu...:)

off to JB with family now..
dont miss me to0 much peeps!!~(;


6:59 PM

Monday, September 6, 2010

sowie for the date blog!!got no time to upload la!!~

This happened a week ago...
that day was a boring day i can say.i was awakened by the loud sound of thunder..Then i took a warm was a nice rainy weather.:)i felt so down that,i get changed and decided to go for a walk around my neighbourhood by was a nice breeze weather.:) after walking for quite a distance.i sat under the void deck,it was so silent i could only hear the sound of the raindrops and thunder.While i was staring at the rain i imagined she was beside me.I felt love:)...

'cause whenever I'm meeting her i have butterflies in my stomach and if it's possible,i want to be with her every single time..and i hate goodbyes after meeting her as, the next minute when i don't see her i missed her already.By just looking at her smile could make my day.:).hearing at her laughter makes my life complete.:)without her knowing,she'd already make me forget my past and keep moving on..why is this so 'jiwang' but what to do??this is the way i'm feeling right now.......<3

But i got to keep this feelings low cause i don't want to make her life more complicated..She told me she's strong and moving on from her ex bu i know she had'nt.But come on..can't she see that i got feelings for her??it's either she's still stuck with her past,she simply chose to ignore she already decide who she want to be i'll just keep my feelings for her deep inside.i'm just a normal guy..but....i need her..


3:09 PM

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My world is closing in I'm so alone The door is locked and nobody's home Desire is the key that I must own Emotions got me losing control I'm losing control But I know It's the way that I must live Even though It's so unclear, so unfair God I know There's a path for everyone
I must believe and keep holding on I'm wishing I was somebody else This world left me all by myself Now why do they keep playing with my mind Trying to break me down trying to make me blind But I see I'll never let my fears conquer me Cuz I know in my heart what I can be

2:16 PM

Friday, August 13, 2010
This song sang by my idol is meaningful..:)

Life has been so,so hmm...i guess okay lately....
I've known this girl called Nur Israhtini Bte Zainal...from a week of knowing her i guess...She's Beautiful + Kind + Good girl=Awesome!!!:D now she's trying her move i decide to try my best to help her!;D..currently keeping in touch with her..:)


yeah!!ANYWAY!i had fun last week...days before Fasting starts...

Plan to watch,went to MARINA with my cousin and her friend..:)we walk to MARINA BAY SANDS!!!!after going to that place i thought,it is an incredible place to go for a date!!!ahahaha!sweet and nice place!!!:D

Went to school for YOG!!summarise everything..hmm,it was fun??!!with lots of performance..:)

HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY FOR SINGAPORE!!!!past Mardiah her present at teck whye arnd 11 p.m (o8o81o)after YOG!...we slack and talk from 11 all the way to 12 a.m and we sang Birthday song for singapore loudly!!ahahahaha!CRAZY!!hahaha!then went home sleep...
i spend my National Day wit my family we went out in the evening to have our early dinner..before going home i told dad to drop me and my sister at Lot 1.end up me and my sis celebrates Natinal day at the open field...there was lots of people!me and my sis had fun there was army tank on the road and also FIREWORKS!!!yay!!!:D

the fun part on tuesday was playin floorball after school with the NURSING students...:)then took bus 31 to tamp with Nuris and Warda...:)then home take a bath..go for Terawih prayer..:)

THE REST OF THE DAY WAS FASTING.....till today..FRIDAY!!:)going to break fast soon!!!YAY!!!hahaha!!going terawih after fasting!!:)

I'll Try My Best!! When You Need Me!!


6:54 PM

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life is just like the log road in the picture up there!!!

STOP IT don't emo!!!hahaha!:)

Basically,today was a fun day...went to school super early in the Morning.i was dismissed at 12.As i have a leave form from my floorball teacher.FOR OUR GAME!against COLLEGE CENTRAL!!!

it was a tough fight against them.we draw 1-1.due to the previous game result.We got through SEMI FINAL!YAY!!HIP HIP!HURRAYY!!!!

Tomorrows Semi Final,College East team 1 vs team 2!!hahahahaha!!!it will be like training i guess??(not so sure how the match will be like)hahaha!


10:49 PM

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


(Still not sure bout it haiyo!!!hahahaha!:DNOW It'S time to!!)




School is fun so far...:D I LIKE!!!lots of activities!!!:D..tomorrow's floorball match College East vs College Central!all the best team!!!we got to win!!!!!!!:)

ps:once you are my friend,you will always be friend..:)

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11:18 PM

Monday, July 5, 2010

it was quite some time i did not update...the last post was about me quarrelling with my best friend

yay!!!I'm Happy that my best friend ZAIDI is happy right now....:)

hmmmm...firstly to that someone.maybe you're not referring to me but i feel like it is..:).stop being sarcastic k??:)
there are lots of reasons i cant get close to you...that i think you have to know and some of the reason you should know...yeah it's up to you to call me a bad guy or what??yeah i have to accept the fact, how different people in this world judge or comment bout me...cause I'm not perfect...
thanks for judging or comment bout me...i appreciate it a's a way for me to to change myself to be a better man in the future..:)thanks for everything,,:)

YAY! is so fun if you feel up your days with activities!!:)hahahaha!BTW i chose N0 2 for my College Team Jersey...but sad,we lose to college west 5-0....:(hah!nehmind up next Wednesday against Central..MUST WIN!!!:D...had a fun day today!!:)

tomorrow,the first day I'll meet my classmates for after 1 and 1/2 MONTH!!!!yay!!hahahaha!after school there will be TRACK AND FIELD TRAINING!!!YAY!!~Wooohooo!!!K...must get some rest goodnight peeps!!


11:13 PM

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

update a good post having problem with friend (zaidi) got no mood to la...t.c everyone!!!


12:12 PM

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

-EXAMS OVERRR!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!
-I want to watch movie!!!!AAARGGHH!!!
-then slack at town drink starbucks or what?!!
-chill the mind at MARINA BARRAGE!!!
-hmm But i wonder...........
-GO ALONE???!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!
-asked someone to follow ready...hmm...
-EXAMS!!!OVER BUT I'm super bored nw lying at hme!!!WALAOE!!!


3:50 PM

Monday, May 31, 2010

WoW!!! It's been a loooong time since I updated this DEAD blog...=D

Alright, im only updating my blog cause APPLE ask me to.( Must say thank you ah.. Hahaha!!)

My weekend was AWE to the SOME=AWESOME!!!! My daddy book a chalet for 3D2N at Costa Sands @ Downtown. Woohooo!!!.
I brought Alif, Nazri, Yusri, Zaidi, Danial, and Ridzwan to tag along. YAY!!!!!! HAHAHHA!!! -_-''.

Friday - Went to religious class from 7.30-9.30 but me and Zai to the Di = Zaidi was late and we went for class at 8.30. hehehe...
After class we rush back home while Yusri and Nazri were already waiting at my house...
Then when i reach home my Cousin BROTHER HUZAINI!!!! was at home. So what else (Ape lagi?) (EVIL FACE KENING UP UP UP!!!) We ask him to send us there using his van and he did... THANKS BROTHER HUZAINI!!!!!

Upon reaching our destination which was the chalet, we straight away set up the barbeque so that we can makan...(hungry sheyyy at that time)
After endulging ourself with FOOD!!! Ridzwan and Alif magically appeared from tak tahu mane(i don't know where)
Ridzwan come only, we strrrraight awaaayy set up the shisha. Woooo!!!=D Then we shisha and smoke smoke all over plaacce!!!! Then I knock out as i was waiting alone at the chalet while the rest were at macdonald eating breakfast.=D
When they came back( EEE Geramnye aku...) they play pillow fight and wack me while i was sleeping dey!!! hahaha!! where can tahan bro.... hahahahahehheeh!!!!! Then i forgot what happen.

Saturday 7.30 a.m

I was woken up by the rest, and they all suggested to go swimming. Yay!!! We then finished swimming at about 11a.m because yusri don't want to come out( pemalas). Then we went back to the chalet and started to barbeque because we were HUNGRY. Just when we started to barbeque we realise that Ridzwan was missing, so we went looking for him. GEUSS WHAT??? He already knock out.(like pig) Then fiefie arrived. When the night came Zaidi had to go home because he could stay over for 1 night, so he went back with fiefie. And there were 5 bujangs(guys) left.
We Barbeque, Shisha throughout the whole day and basically enjoyed ourselfs. It was then time for the cake-cutting by daddy. We all smudge cake all over his face and among each other. Gerek sey!!!(fun) Half way i had a headache so i decided to call APPLE, after talking to her for about 45 mins the headache slowly dissapeared but apple wanted me to take a nap. BUT THE NAP AH UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING AH DEY!!!!. I regreted sleeping cos that night was the last night at the chalet and by far the most fun night after i heard the stories the other guys shared with me.

Then we pack up and went home and thats the end of my fun weekend!!!

Thank you Ridz to the wan =Ridzwan for helping me with this post.


3:55 PM

Saturday, April 10, 2010
From 31 March....all the yay till today!!10 April!!had been the greatest!!!haha!my days is occuppied by frens..:)haha!

on the 31 March,
-spend time wit Nira,Afifah,Hafiz,Nazri...

-spend time wit them at skool..

-cut cake that Nira made for me..:)(so sweet!)
-eat together
-at 6 pm go play Takraw..
-til 10...
-then HOME!!
-i was alone at hme alone on the eve of my bday..haha!!

1 April,
-at 12 Yusri called me wishing me Happy Birthday!!
-after he put down the phone....
-my phone lack and switch of by its own!!OMG!!
-its actually because there's lots of messages comin!!HAHA!:)
-altogether i received 54 message on bday!!WISHES!!THANK YOU!!to the people that wishes me through message!!
-and also nt to forget thanks!!to the people that wishes me through FACEBOOK!!:)

-had fun dat day...eating cut pizza...
-arnd 10 pm went to (Rasa Istimewa) at cck there one of ma fren threat me and some others...

2 april,
-at arnd,Nazri,Danial,Zaidi ride bike to CDANS to play bowling wit ma cuzzies.....all the way till 4 am...:)so tired...
-reach hme at 5am
-rest for 2 hours...
-went for soccer match wit the field behind Al-Mukminin Mosque...
-after match,went hme and sleep...:)

AFTER that i forget wat i do but the most important thing is days was filled with enjoyment!!(got such word?)haha!

10 April(2010 Affirmation Ceremony)

-after a long time....i get to wear my NCC no.3 UNIFORM HAHA!!!missed wearing it..:)

-saw Mardiah!!damn cool!!haha!her leg got(Bunga Api!!!)haha!

-now i'm sleepy!!
-msg never reply confirm play wit ur new BF(handphone)the fell asleep wit him haha!
-want to put photo oso problem!!look at FB K??:)

10:30 PM

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i had a great wk last wk! :)...i think??

hmm....not so great la actually....Monday to thursday was normal,school which would take me the whole day from 8 am to 5 pm plus the journey would be 6.30 am to 7 pm.that's all about my monday to saturday......!

Friday was fun at the same time sad:

IT'S saturday!!!

sleep late so...woke up arnd 11 plus...recieved msg from adik IMAN haha!he told me dat he's again i went to BBSS...and slack was quite fun la..with IFC,nite walk etc..then reached hme arnd 2++am..




it's WEDNESDAY!!!!(today)

HAPPY!!BIRTHDAY!!!16 yrs old ready!!

AND nw i cant afford to type anymre!!!tooooooooo SLEEPY&TIRED!!!+++tommorow schooling!!!START AT 1pm!!HAHA!GoOODNIGHT!!peeps..!

(SWENSEN'S is coming);)& i miss my hair...

9:51 PM

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Currently watching HSM3........haha!school start at 1p.m today,so i though i'd be watchin a movie at hme....before getting prepared to school...;) have been tired to me lately...maybe its bcos of the journey which took me an hour i had fun taking mrt to woodlands,then 168 all the way to Tampines..lastly bus NO. the front gate of ITE SIMEI!!!!haha!

the best part of the journey to school was taking 168 all the way to'll took arnd 45 has owaes been a double decker bus....i'll be taking the seats on top....hahax!then i'll take out my earpiece plug in to my phone...and place the earpiece on my ear...listen to some music...took out my currently favourite storybook 'Yakuza Moon' i realise how fun it was to read a book....storybook seems to be a portable movie player!!!....wakakaka!!you guys shoud read Yakuza Moon its great...

btw thanks to mom i'll be startin Vocal lessons...on the mid of april...its located beside SOTA(School Of The Arts) i better start cutting down on smoking....;)

nothin else to say....

so yeah....GOODBYE!!!!haha!

10:06 AM

Monday, February 22, 2010

wat to do??this is the place i let out most of ma feelins!!!hahaha!

FRiday: went to NCC HQ wit Josh and Maybelline!!haha!!!JOSH WAS SUPER-LAME LA!!!!hahaha!!!then at night celebrate afah's bday under a void deck near ma CRIB!HAHA!

SATurday: went BouldEring wit HAQIZ!!!!!till hand cramp!!haha!the way to release STESS!!!that night went send FLYERs With wan...till 2p.m door to door....

SUnday: rest at home.........

ToDay: went to school!!!i'm nt late!!!HAHA!nw im home...ssssooooo bored...lar!!NEHMIND!!!TOMORROW CANT WAIT FOR FLOORBALL TRAINING!!!WWWOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!

8:38 PM

Friday, February 19, 2010

have been feeling down and lonely lately.....from sat till monday.....been spending time with family....didnt celebrate valentines day...BTW!!!YA!!!!i had nvr ever celebrate valentines day before !!!sooooo sad...on valentines day i went to JB wit fam. to shop and watch mooovvviiiieeee.....yeah...on monday,went labrador park wit family...played games...and stuff..late that night went for bowl and Yusri tagged along....yeah it was coooooll celebrating valentines and CNY wit Fam...

feel lonely and down cause....yeah...i miss having a special life...i jus wish one day i found a suitable gal that i loved...i miss dat feelin man!!!when i feel down the only words da could save me....was a msg from NURUL MARDIAH....(recieved on 03/01/10 at 11.25 p.m):[There'll be a girl that'll save you from all this heartbreak :) So stay positive okay?You're the cheerful Nazirul i know,so stay that way] i cried reading the msg cause it seems like i'm diffrent,i've started to change...i was always the happy guy bt's jus diffrent...i jus feel uneasy.....:'(hope there'll be someone that will save me...........................

NOW,it's already Friday (12.39 a.m)
i cant sleep jus watch a malay DVD show titled PISAU CUKUR the show was great abt love....its a show about 2 preety girls dat's desprate for rich guys.....end up both of them realise that life is nt jus abt' about the happinness that you'll get......:)i dunnoe wat i'm gonna do afta dis....maybe face-booking.....yeah....
BTW!!tomorrow meetin josh n maybelline at yo chu kang at 2 p.m...
i'll update sOon !!!
GOoDbYE readers!!
t.c!!!stay happy!!!!

12:16 AM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sorry 4 da long time...blospost break...keke!!


08 of every month is suppose to be a good day..wanna knOw WHY???!hmmmm...kla...should tell u guys.....!no more HIDING!!!haha!NO POINT HIDING!!!but anyone that read this keep it low...hahaha!!SSSsssHHHhhH!!!hehe!let me tell u the history of 08 on every month!!!!WAKAKAKAKA!!!(evil LAUGH!!)this 08 thingy started on the date of 08.09.08 on that date i can say i was happy la...cause i got a gal!!which entered ma heart..(chey, jiwang!!!)haha!yeah...the gal..was NASYITAH ASWEN DORES...hehe!then happiness came almost everytime on 08 of every mnth...BUT FOR THIS MONTH!!!!SUAY!!!haha!!! th morning got flu,headache and slight fever..2.WTH!!!EZLINK or CEPAS watever u call it LOST!!!!! scolded by parents came hme late...

Then before sleep look out from ma window and guess what??!!!its her(nasyitah) face appeared then go sleep AHAHAHA!


woke up at 5.45..took a bath put in ma sportswear in ma bag!!hAhA!so,happy 1st day of floorball training!!!HOHOHOHOHOHO!!(k, STOP IT!)EZ-LINK LOST!!!!so, got no choice had to get out of house early to take 67 aaaaaaaalllllll the way to tampinies which took abt 2 hours!!then change to bus n0 31 to sko0l...


floorball was fun...haha!i think i the fittest in floorball...wakakaka!
till here!!!

10:36 PM

Saturday, January 23, 2010
its been a long time since ma last post...

last friday on th 15th if i'm not mistake...went to school for ncc.....CCA showcase..
meet frens that i missed most like claire,melody,hafiz and more!!!hahaha!

The following day went to Orchard wit zaidi,fifie(cousin),me and kira!!!haha!on that day zaidi went to tamp. to fetch FieFie from home...while i went to town first with aliff,nazri,Black(mak yong)...while kira was with her brother...buying yeah we met each other at arnd 3 at iOn BK...afta that Nazri and Aliff went to work...left me,zaidi,fifie,kira and Black...we when to Shaw House to buy movie tickets...we bought Vampire Assistant..haha!movie starts at we slack outside shaw house..take in some fresh air then met uni,fiqo,woody...slack with them...15 min to seven so me,zaidi,fifie,kira..went in...the show was damn funny la...but in the middle i was asleep..haha!WTH!!yala...cause the day before waited for kira's!like stupid....then when to cinelesure slack with lots of frens...then when home...(thanks to Kira...afta 4 mnth i didnt get to be out with a gal that way..)thx...felt love...


thursday met fiefie and kira afta to for tellin me...and TO ME WELCOME LIVING LIFE IN THIS WORLD!!!!!;(.........LIFE IS A GAME!!!

k...nw i wanna go write a song...i'll post the song when it's done!!

4:10 PM

Sunday, January 10, 2010



when to school..afta school go BBSS for NCC!!!Mr.Azhar ask me come every training si be siaan den must dye blck!!!!ok la...APRIL can go CLT COURSE!!!afta training went hme then straight to relegious class...


3 pm - closing work.....while otw to work saw rafiz and melia..haha!!!!WAH!!!work!!extremely tired 2 waiter!!only no rest or brk at all!!!afta work prts fetch den slack at west coast..

now i cant slleeeeepp!!!it's already sunday 5 p.m!!!!k la i have to force masep to sleep evening at 5p.m got soccer!!!
BTW!!i think my i pod NANO on the left spoil uh must ask Ms NIRA to repair..haha!!
thats abt all!!!

4:55 AM

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Everyone!!;)

sorry for the late update have been tired for the past few days.So...yeah..afta SI 3 when out wit frens to Marina Barrage Take a look at the photos at ma Facebook!had fun!!!HAHA!

After that whe to Malaysia for LATE YEAR END HOLIDAY!i thought it's gonna be fun!!as IT WAS 2010 COUNTDOWN!!!everyone was out enjoying i guess??!!!i was in hotel room msging Lamb.from 11. then at 11.45 she did'nt eply ma msg ad i fell asleep.At 12.o0a.m. i was awakened by the 'BOOM!' sound of the fireworks HAHA!i looked outat the glass window...and was smiling alone.Cause without realising it'sthe beginning of a new year and i'm alone in a hotel room looking at the firework from the hotel window..(what a new year celebration)...slowlyi cried missing 2009...YEAH!!!forget to tell u guys!!why am i alone???where's ma family members..they went for sheesha!!!but u know what??they were stuck in a JAM!!!for 2 hrs....i was so lucky i'm in the hotel room rather than celebrating new year in the car!!HAHAHAHAHA!hmmmmmm...and also when i was asleep at 11.45 i had a wonderfull dream its a dream that i've been wanting since the past 3's a new year dream!!so, i thought its gonna hppn!!but today i've found out that the dream i had for new yr is jus a normal dream....sadded)-:

BUT nevermind whatever happens i need to move on and look what's ahead!!!

K!,talk about ma 1st day in ITE.HAHA!!!!evveryone was alien to me!!!wo piang eh!!!haha!nobody talk to each the class like got people die!!(inalillah)haha!i was damn bored so,started to msg lamb then she ask me to make fren!!so randomly i ak the guy sitting on ma left what's he's name HAHA!!!after that i ask everyone in my class!!haha!now everyone in ma class know me!!haha!cause i,m the 1st person to go arnd and ask for their names LOL!!!it's just me!!!people in the same class as me b4 will know!!!haha!!i cant study in a room with borin people that treat each other like ALIENS!!!haha!

for the CCA in ITE i chose floorball a whole new change of sport!!!haha!

SO...yeah!!that's ALL FOLK!!!need to get ready for school ready!!need to reach by 12.30 p.m!!!


10:35 AM

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

k...nw i cant sleep....;(

k,lets update from the zaidi sleep ma hse..



it's SPORE IDOL GRAND FINALE DAY!!!hahaha!!!!!hahaha!!i went to indoor la...everything was unexpected!!haha!!!GRRREEEAATTT!!fuyoh!!!the way charice sing LIVE is jus the same like she sang on THE OPRAH SHOW!!!hahahaha!she's one of a kind!!a great singer perhaps A BRILLIANT singer i can say!!HAHA!btw yeah SEZAIRI deserve to be crown as SINGAPORE IDOL!!he's multi talented!!got a unique voice plusss He's a MUSICIAN!!NOT ONLY A SINGER!singapore needs local talent like HIM!!!(mcm phm plak!)pictures at indoor stadium till with yusri uh...TSk!haha!

reach hme late...then got msg from lamb...lamb was so happy dat Szairi won LOL!!!BLA...BLA....BLA...

its already 29 DECEMBER!!!!ANEW YEAR IS COMING SOOOOOOOONNNN!!!!(bt i'll be celebrating new year at MALAYSIA...wit ma family and cuzzy's hope it's GONNA BE FUN!!!NO!!!!it MUST!!!BE FUN!!!

3:45 AM

Saturday, December 26, 2009 normal jus reach!nw already 3.12 a.m!

so'it satuday already..hmm..k,let me tell u it's Christmas!FRIDAY morning!!haha!woke up and recieve a msg from lamb!!!it's like magic cause i dreamt of her!haha!!she told me that she's going of to KL for her cousins' WEDDING so yeah..going to miss her like usual...hmm...t. LAMB!!IMY!!already!!be waiting for ur msg!!haha!!!

after that mom,dad,grandma and sis ilah..said that they are going for breakfast!so yeah i was still lying down...msging lamb...

while messaging Lamb,my manager called me and asked me to work full shift...without thinking i say..OK!!!(cause double PAY!!!)haha!so take a bath get ready to work..

reach working place,opening as per normal clean the table and staff then manager from pasir ris called my manager..manager from pasir ris need staff cause theres no waiter for outlet at pasir ris...then ma manager chose me to first i dowan go bt then ma manager show her pity face then i go lor...

reach Pasir ris about an hour...and there is no CUSTOMER!!HAHAHA!!sooOOO HAPPY!!!hah!but borin uh..only me the manager and 2 chef...arund 3 p.m...there's customer..i'm the only waiter i go serve them la..take order..give ice water,make their guava juice,Bullwinkle...and garnish their food..afta that customer when off...more and more customer came in...i DO EVERYTHING!!LOL!!!tired...afta that at 9 when off to ViVO!!eEAT!!celebrat christmas water!!!everyone wet EXCEPT FOR ZAIDI!!WALAO!!!haha!then mama called say that she's fetching me and zaidi...with ma them when to west coast....bought m cafe...then slack..haha!(i think ma dad saw me smoking wit ma cusins!HEHE)SLACK,SLACKS,SLACK!!!!then when home..hahaha!

now i'm with zaidi at home we can't sleep and we are damn bored!!!
ce again !!i miss LAMB!!HAHA!!!hope she's having fun!!


3:06 AM

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